Join Me As I Take A Look Back 2021

It’s my year-end video Christmas letter where I look back on the year we had as well as tease something I plan to unleash on the world in the year to come. There are a number of references in that video to other videos, you can find them below: The video announcing my Instagram channel The video announcing my LinkedIn …

Important Information About My LinkedIn Feed Herein Contained!

I recently had to create a LinkedIn business page. The reason why is kind of interesting. If you would like the 5-minute explanation, watch the video below. If you would like less entertaining, 3-bullet explanation, it is below the video. If you don’t need any explanation and just want to be directed to my new LinkedIn business page so you …

Grief Is Like A Season

I’m taking a minor break from dishing out speaking tips to bring a message. A message of hope and comfort to those who are grieving. However, it does serve as an example of how to structure a speech and make your points. If you’re looking to learn about speechcraft, you can still learn by observation.

How To Tackle Tough Topics With Authority

What does it mean to speak with authority? And why do you need to speak with authority if you’re going to discuss difficult topics? All of that is covered in this video.

Why You Need To Follow Me on Instagram

It’s official! I am now on Instagram! My handle is @LastWritesSpeechcraft Would you like to know what I’m going to be doing on Instagram? Watch the video below to find out. HINT: There is something I am offering on Instagram that you cannot get on any other platform. Find out what that is in the video.