The Announcer’s Test

Have you ever heard of “The Announcer’s Test”?  You can read about it here. And you can watch me perform it in the video below.


Here is some speaking advice you may never hear again because it’s something NICE speakers don’t do. I agree.  NICE speakers don’t do this.  Only GREAT speakers.

Back In Black (And White And Gray)

COVID-19 has changed the world.  It has even changed the way I do these videos.  Watch the video below to learn more. Also… see which OTHER group of people deserves to be called “heroes” during this crisis.

5 Reasons To Record Yourself Every Time You Speak

There are 4 reasons why I record myself every time I speak.  However, there are FIVE reasons why YOU ought to record yourself.  How is that so?  Watch the video to find out. Please Like, Share and Comment!

The Speaker’s Blueprint

I recently received an advanced copy of a new book called “The Speaker’s Blueprint” by Brian Woolf. How I know Brian is an interesting story.  Let me put it this way.  When just about anybody comes to me with speaking advice, I listen.  When I have questions about public speaking, the list of people I seek out is very short.  …

Best In The World–Mohammed Qahtani

Today we continue our series “Best In The World”. In this series, I interview some of the best speakers in the world to see what they can teach us. In this episode, I interview Mohammed Qahtanni. Mohammed became World Champion of Public Speaking when I was just starting my Toastmasters journey in 2015. He is often referenced as one of …