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13 Pointers To Pump Up Your Presentations


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We invited John to prepare a workshop to help our clients tell their stories. Most of them are new to speaking in public. I was impressed by the questions John asked before he confirmed his participation with us. He was careful to make sure his part would be in line with our objectives for the workshop. He was also open to making some tweaks that we requested. His workshop was both helpful and memorable for our clients, staff and volunteers – and it gave our clients the help and inspiration they needed.

LB July 18, 2019

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John is an amazing MC!   We have called upon John many times for our family-friendly fundraising events, and he has not let us down.  Our script requires lots improvising during these outdoor events, and it is really important that we keep on schedule.  John not only keeps us on track, but he puts his whole heart into preparing unique commentary, fun costuming and making the lengthy program move quickly.  He is a great communicator and our audience loves him. 

PCC July 12, 2019

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I run a speech evaluation workshop for up-and-coming speakers, for which I require a talented test speaker.  John is my guy!  He is creative and delivers with flair.  While his subject matter can often be of a serious nature, John’s speaking style and speech content, has caused me to laugh   …   to cry   …   to think!

KPG June 27, 2019

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Recently we put together several weeks of public speaking workshops and invited John to educate and share his knowledge at one of the weekly sessions.

It was great having him over. He delivered the content in a manner that was fun, entertaining and educational for our audience. John has the ability to get a message across with clarity and simplicity using an interactive approach, which worked very well for us.

I can state with absolute confidence, after having witnessed John in action, that he is the consummate professional. His material fit the audience perfectly, and our group gained an immense amount of knowledge on improving our public speaking and presentation skill sets.

I would have no hesitation recommending John to any organization looking to improve their communication skills. Thank you John.

RJ May 12, 2019