Speechcraft Fundamentals 5 – How NOT To Open Your Speech

You have probably been told that you need to start your speech off strong with a good opening. I strongly agree! You have probably been taught some ways to open your speech. I strongly DISAGREE! With a few of them. Watch this video to find out what I mean. Before you actually watch the video below, it would help if …

Speechcraft Fundamentals 4 – Make Your Point

We talked a lot about “your points” in the previous 3 units.  In this unit, we actually unpack what it means to make a point. Before you actually watch the video below, it would help if you had the adequate background provided by the first 3 units: Unit 1 – Topic vs Message can be found here. Unit 2 – …

Speechcraft Fundamentals 3 – The Emergency Tip

Here is the much-anticipated three-quel. I teased it in the first two videos. This is how you can write a speech without a message and without a structure. Did you miss the first two units? No problem.  Unit 1 is right here, and Unit 2 is right here.

Speechcraft Fundamentals 2 – Structure Your Speech

This is the second in our series on speechcraft fundamentals.  If you missed unit 1, you can find it here. In this video, you will learn how to structure the points of your speech so that your audience can more easily: Follow your speech. Recall your points long afterward.

Speechcraft Fundamentals 1 – Message vs Topic

You want to write a speech, but where do you start?  Simple.  You start with your message. In this first installment of a multi-part series, you’ll find out what a message is and why it’s so important to have one before, while and after you craft your speech.

The Story Behind My World Championship Speech

You have likely seem my World Championship speech from Vancouver.  (Just in case you have not, it’s at the end of this post.)  However, there is a long story behind it that is full of setbacks, and there are two lessons that you can learn from it.  Watch the video, below, for all that. And here is “My Life As …

What Howard Finkel Taught Me About Public Speaking

There are a number of things you can learn about public speaking from the world of pro wrestling.  This might be the first of a series of such tips. Watch the video below to see what you can learn from one of the biggest voices in pro wrestling.  Howard Finkel. Who? Watch the video.

H2 Uh-Oh!!!!

What can a planned water shutdown in my condo building teach you about public speaking?  One major thing with a couple if individual applications, actually.  Watch the video to learn more. Please Like, Share and Comment!

The Announcer’s Test

Have you ever heard of “The Announcer’s Test”?  You can read about it here. And you can watch me perform it in the video below.